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Where To Play The Best Slots

Clearly, it appears the world has become “smaller” and more fascinating with the advancements in digital tech, in this case the best slots. No product is made today, no person moves today, nothing is collected, analyzed or communicated without digital technology. From laptops the digital world has now focused on smart phones. This has brought the entire world in the hands of the user.

According to a survey almost 88% of the people prefer to play with a smart phone rather than a tablet or a laptop. The mobile casinos are paying attention to this advancement.  Thus, the number of places to play mobile slots has increased to a great extent.

This makes it difficult for the player to make the right choice. Here is a complete guide on how to choose the best online slots.

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Inquire About Bonuses

Usually the casinos offer a starting bonus when the player begins. This is often overlooked by many users. Therefore, make sure to do a thorough research before starting.

Check For Favorite Mobile Games

Not all the casinos offer the same games. You should check if your favorite games are offered by the casino before registering. Today many of the game developers offer their slots for mobile play. This goes true for developers like Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Major Millions, etc. These developers have shifted their focus completely to best online slots providers.

There are other games that work better on mobile devices. For instance, recent versions of blackjack work better on mobile apps.

Verify Withdrawal Options

There are certain casinos that do not offer certain withdrawal options. Some even offer gift cards or cash card for purchases. Therefore, it is important to make sure as a new player you verify they offer the withdrawal options most suitable to you.

Stuff To Check Before Registering

The following should be checked before signing up:

  1. Check the transaction fees. Some casinos charge a minimum transaction fee for every deposit. These hidden statements are mentioned on the website but on a very small font or somewhere in the corner. Therefore, make a thorough research before registering.
  2. Check the minimum and maximum amount that can be deposited. It can be found on the terms and condition page. If you cannot read the entire page, copy paste on MS Word and use the find option to extract the wanted information.
  3. Check for the speed of transactions. One can either check with friends or other players or test it himself with small amounts.
  4. There is yet another new option to pay through mobile billing. The user can simply enter his mobile number and add the amount to his or her mobile bill. The bill can be prepaid or postpaid.

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There are thousands of sites online that are into fraudulent practices. Therefore, it is wiser to go for a reputable site. In order to find if the site is reputed one can check for its ratings online. Also, check on the games. The leading game developers offer their slots games only to reputed websites.


As mobile casinos have developed, most leading game developers have provided mobile slots games. However, as you may have a Mac, iPhone, iPad or a PC, it is important to check if the platform is supported by the user’s device.

Ask the following questions:

  • Will every game need a separate download?
  • Is there a trial period?
  • Which of the Android versions are supported by the games?
  • If the client firmware needs to be downloaded to play on mobile?

Always test run the game before depositing cash.

Inquire About Payment Methods

After deciding which gaming site to deposit money, check for options on the banking page of the site. The banking institutions and the gaming sites have tie ups. The site must pay a minimum amount for every transaction being made. This adds to the revenue of the bank. Therefore, banks compete to occupy the slots. Hence, the gaming sites provide the option of very few banks to make the payments.

The user should ensure that the banking options of the gaming site works for them. Apart from compatibility and comfort of playing, the user should also choose their mobile slots wisely.


Popularity often tells about the quality of the game. This is because the best slots ratings are given only to the games that reach more of the players. The more people play a game, better is the jackpot. In other words, it simply means playing a popular game can bring in more money.


How Is A Mobile Casino Different From A Web Casino?

The speed of response of mobile casino is higher than the web browser, especially after 3G and 4G connection. There is no need for flash players in mobile casinos. This is an added advantage as the data consumed reduces with Android-based players.

How Does The User Like Their Games?

If the user is a person who likes flashy and visual effects, then mobile slots may not be their best choice. This is because, the cool designs of the casino on the web is lost when the user logs in to play on a device. On the other hand, if the user is a more causal player, he or she can opt for mobile slots games.

Therefore, it is advisable to check the visual effects both on the web and on the mobile.

Choosing The Best Online Slots

Every player should learn techniques of choosing winning slots. This often comes by practice. Are there any ways to choose a winning game slot? Yes. One must check for the Return to Player percentage. This is called RTP.  The RTP of a game can be found simply by using a search engine. Type RTP space the game name on the search bar to find its rating. It should be between 92 – 97%.

Another important factor to consider while selecting best slots is checking its volatility. This simply means the risk involved in depositing money into the game. If the volatility is higher, winning chances are lesser. If the player is not patient enough to wait for a good win, and hesitant to risk money, he should opt for a low volatility slot. This can be found by the players themselves. Play the game for 20 times. Count the number of wins. Use free spins and bonuses to test the game.

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